NCC Consulting Portfolio
NCC Consulting Portfolio

The NCC team members also have corporate IT management related managerial skills and experience making us the ideal IT consulting partner for your business.

The consulting services that NCC offers will include the following:

  • Consulting with stakeholders from various departments within your organisation regarding their IT needs
  • Analysing your organization’s infrastructure and IT requirements
  • Plan and schedule projects for your organization and various departments
  • Project management and implementation
  • Implementation of IT solutions designed to meet your business requirements
  • Development of departmental IT strategy aligned with the business strategy
  • Aligning business objectives and the IT departments objectives
  • Development of policies and standard operating procedures
  • Development of Disaster recovery plans
  • Identifying procedural inefficiencies and how to optimize it
  • Interpreting audit findings/recommendations and translating it into practical IT solutions/systems or processes that addresses the audit finding/recommendation
  • Moving the IT department from being a reactive unit to a more proactive/preventative unit
  • Identifying IT related issues and how to resolve it
  • Identifying IT management and personnel issues and how to resolve it
  • Analysing and making recommendations regarding the capital and operational IT expenses of your business
  • Identify cost saving opportunities
  • Producing detailed reports on the state of your company’s technology landscape
  • Providing temporary IT management during transitional phases like when there were key resignations
  • Intervention between executive management and the IT department