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Established in 1994, Network and Computing Consultants (Pty) Ltd (NCC) is the trusted Information Technology, Security Solutions, Cloud Computing, Networking, Telephony and Internet Solutions provider in Central South Africa. NCC specializes in the development, configuration and optimization of network security and monitoring tools.

Years Experience
280 000+
PBX/ VOIP minutes a Month
10 000 000+
Email Transactions a month

Why Choose Us

AND Partners

“I would like to testify on the excellent service R-DATA receive from NCC Central both with their product and service. NCC Central not only respond timeous to new issues on the remote management solution but also act proactive in highlighting possible future issues”

Excellent Service and Proactive

Jan Krüger
Manager: Implementation and Support

“NCC has been a trusted service provider to GWK for well over 10 years in the connectivity, hosting and security side of our business. We can always depend on the expert and effective advice provided by NCC. Being one of the major agriculture companies in South Africa, we are challenged with unique situations in the rural areas. NCC will always provide fit for purpose and reliable solutions to the challenges we present. Thus, making NCC unique in understanding our needs”

Trusted Service Provider

Emile van den Berg
Specialist Manager: IT Infrastructure

“We have had the privilege of working with and having a strong business and professional relationship with NCC for nearly 30 years. NCC has been and remains our preferred IT service provider. Their expertise and dedication to their clients is evident in their advice, support and willingness to go the extra mile. We have always felt that we have a partner in NCC that takes our business as seriously as we do. A competent and solution-driven service provider that can be highly recommended”

Professional Relationship

Chrizelmi Bothma
Office & Personnel Manager

“NCC has been our preferred service provider for many years; their product and service is efficient and reliable. In today's fast-moving tech world, you need a communication and tech provider that understands the importance of a smooth-running infrastructure"

Efficient and Reliable

Dr David Walsh
Family Physician

“NCC Service over 15years with Third Age Group has been consistent and always professional and at the highest level of service and excellence every time.”

Service and Excellence

Massimo Gambale
Group IT Manager

“Our relationship with NCC extends over a period of some 20 years. As with most businesses today, ours cannot afford network and IT related problems for extended periods. NCC are always there to sort out any issues which we have, quickly and efficiently, so ensuring business continuity. We value the relationship which we share with NCC and its staff and look forward to one which will extend far into the future.”

We value the relationship

Leoni Labuschagne
Office Manager

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