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NCC maintains the network infrastructure for the private sector of doctors, including firewalls, virtual servers, PBX, and internet related services.




Internet access – via fibre uplink

Shared bandwidth (per usage) or

dedicated bandwidth (uncapped)


X-Ray access

Van Dyk & Partners, Spies & Vennote


Pathologist’s access

PathCare, Van Rensburg


Hospital Resource Access

HCDOC, Theatres


Practice Manager Access

Partner4Life, Munnik, Fourie and others


Firewall and network security services


Remote access

Connect from anywhere to your practice via VPN

Cloud Services


Virtual Hosting – for medical applications Profdoc/MedEDI, Med-e-mass, Healthbridge etc.


Virtual machine backup, full system backup, off-site copies


UPS backed by hospital provided emergency power


Maintenance and monitoring (OS and Hardware)




Other Services


IT Policies
NCC will assist your IT Manager and Social Media or Marketing team setup IT Policies and Social Media Policies that encourage safe and appropriate use of the internet in the workplace.


Network & Computing Consultants is an accredited IPI (Intel Product Integrator) and supplies Intel based Personal Computers. NCC also supplies a variety of leading brand hardware components and personal computers to its clients at affordable prices. Read More


Network & Computing Consultants supplies all leading brand software products, including Computerized Fax Solution and Commercial Application Software.
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