MailXServer is a complete on-site email management and security tool.

MailXServer stops security threats at the gateway, reduces internet bandwidth and costs, reduces email administration time, and provides accurate usage reporting and logging. MailXServer also assists companies with legal compliance and government regulations.


Email communication is a crucial part of the modern business. Email has changed the way we communicate, and it has certainly changed the way we control and manage these communications.

MailXServer can act as a stand-alone email system or can seamlessly be incorporated into any existing environment as a gateway email security and management system.

The server is compatible with any SMTP server including Groupwise, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Mercury and Sendmail.

Unlike many other systems, MailXServer is a complete email management and security tool. It manages and controls emails and keeps a complete audit trail of messages passing through the server.


Key Benefits:

Stops 99.9% security threats at the gateway before any damage is caused.

Assists with legal compliance and government regulations.

Drastically reduces internet bandwidth and costs.

Reduces email administration time and resources.

Improves employee productivity.

Accurate usage reporting and logging for multiple email systems in one place.

Individual user access to specified pages and rules.

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