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NCC’s Business Email provides you with the following:

Always-on: A permanent high speed dual trunk directly into national ATM network assures 24/7 delivery of email. Servers are constantly monitored.

Virus Scanning: Advanced methods are used to scan for viruses, multiple inline engines.

Attachment Filters: Dangerous files are stripped from email messages before being transmitted.

Grey Listing: A very powerful method to combat spam by testing unknown senders beforehand.

RBL: Real-time Black Lists are automatically updated with international databases of Spammers.

Advanced Anti-Spam: Bayes- & Content filters, SPF, Forward lookups and intelligent email analysis.

Productivity: Improves employee productivity by filtering and reducing email administration time.

Cost effective: Drastically reduces internet bandwidth and costs.

Legal compliance: Assists with legal compliance to company and government regulations (Header archive required).

Security: Stops security threats at the gateway before any damage is caused.

Reports: Usage summary report per month.

Security: Stops security threats at the gateway before any damage is caused.

Proof: Header records and archives make it possible to account for each email transmitted. Advantageous when delivery or receipt disputes arise.

Superior product: 15 years of experience in Internet communication protocols make NCC an authority to rendering a technically advanced product.

Reports: An advanced product for the serious business

Also see http://www.mailxserver.com for more details