Legal - Email Attachment Policy

Document Name : Email Attachment Policy: 2
Revision: 1
Date: 1 February 2007

Due to the dangerous nature of certain extension that constitutes a security hazard or virus threads, some attachments will be removed from Email to Network & Computing Consultants and also to some of our clients.



List of attachements that could be blocked:

The List may vary from client to client

File extension

File type




Microsoft Access project extension


Microsoft Access project


Microsoft Visual Basic class module


Batch file


Compiled HTML Help file


Microsoft Windows NT Command Script


Microsoft MS-DOS program


Control Panel extension


Security certificate


Dynamic Link Library




Help file


HTML program


Setup Information


Initialization File


Internet Naming Service


Internet Communication settings


JScript file


Jscript Encoded Script file




Microsoft Access add-in program


Microsoft Access program


Microsoft Access MDE database


Microsoft Access wizard program


Microsoft Common Console Document


Microsoft Windows Installer package


Windows Installer patch


Visual Test source files


Object Linking and Embedding control


Photo CD image or Microsoft Visual Test compiled script


Shortcut to MS-DOS program


Registration entries


Screen saver


Windows Script Component


Shell Scrap Object


System file


Internet shortcut


VBScript file


VBScript Encoded Script file


VBScript file


Virtual Device Driver


Windows Script Component


Windows Script file


Windows Script Host Settings file