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Business Internet Server

NCC’s Business Internet Server (BisBox ) is a Internet Gateway Server that provides  with the following functions:

Mail Server: Host your domain’s external and local email messages.

Proxy Server: Caches, controls and manages Internet Web traffic (Access Security, Banned Lists).

Firewall: Crucial service to protect your server and local area network from the Internet.

eMail Virus Scanning: Scan all incoming and Intranet email messages going through Mail Server .

Webmail: Enable you to read your new email messages from anywhere through the Web.

Fax Receiver: Receive Incoming Faxes delivered to a Faxmaster by email (one line only) .

Proxy Reports: Monthly usage and management information on all Internet Web browsing.

Dynamic DNS: In conjunction with a NCC ADSL we dynamically point a domain address to your server.

Remote BisBox Maintenance: Major Linux release updates, Security Patches, Anti-Virus Signature updates.

Anti-virus Updates: Scheduled daily update of Anti-virus signatures (when available).

Improved Utilization: The effect of the integrated services above limits and saves Internet bandwidth.


See Http://www.bisbox.co.za for more information