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Internet Hosting Solutions

Various Hosting Services are provided, from Domain Name and Web Hosting Services to Server and FTP Hosting Services.

Domain Name Hosting

Network & Computing provides Domain Name Registering, Maintenance and Hosting Services. This includes .com, .co.za, .biz and .net domains.


Web Hosting

Four levels of Web hosting can be provided. The sophistication of the Web site, the amount of disk space needed and the amount of Web traffic required differentiate the levels of hosting. The first level is a web presence only with limited disk space and FTP access to the Web Server. The second level, Light Server, provides more disk space and allows for more web traffic. The Medium and Professional Servers allow for an increase of all previous levels, as well as access to a database.


CMS (Content Management Systems)

Content Management Systems is a Web Hosting offering whereby clients can maintain their own web-sites. It allows the clients to easily change or add to the contents of their web-sites on a regular basis, like the publishing of daily special offers. Four levels of CMS Hosting are available, more or less along the same levels as Web Hosting.


Server Hosting

A Server Hosting Service is available for the client who has the requirement to run a server at a remote site. This can be for the running an off-site backup server, to provide services to their own clients without the costs of setting up the required infrastructure, outsourcing the maintenance and support of a server or other requirements.


FTP Hosting

A FTP server service is available to transfer large files that cannot be send via email. Network & Computing Consultants provides a service where you can transfer your large files onto our FTP server and download it from there.