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Internet Access

Network & Computing Consultants provides various Internet Access Solutions. This ranges from Dialup access to high speed Diginet and ADSL access.

ADSL Access (Broadband)

ADSL is ideally suited for the Internet user that requires high speed access. It currently provides access with speeds up to 1024Kbps. 4096Kbps will also be available soon, which make it much faster than other broadband solutions like wireless. ADSL Internet access, bundled with NCC's BIS (Business Internet Server)and Business Email Solution, provide the clients with total control over Internet and Email. The creation of VPN's (Virtual Private Networks) over ADSL also makes it possible to have secure access from remote sites.

ADSL/Leased Line Combination

By combining the reliability of the  Lease Line and the high speed access of ADSL, we provide a low cost solution for the intensive user of E-mail and Internet access. Internet and E-mail traffic can be routed between the two lines as required.

Dialup Access

The Dialup Access Service provides a normal Analogue connection or an ISDN connection without any additional cost. The service depends on your Telkom line being Analogue or ISDN as well as the type of modem used.

Leased Line Access

A leased line provides the client with a fixed line Internet connection. This option is for the intensive providing onsite services to the Internet. This option is for the business usage without the limitations of ADSL.