NCC (Network & Computing Consultants (Pty) Ltd), established in 1994, has experienced tremendous growth and success over the years. The company’s success is due to the fact that it provides total Information Technology solutions. Network & Computing Consultants supplies, installs and supports hardware, software and services. Specializing in Networks, Security, Consultation and Internet Services enables us to supply total, well-integrated Information Technology solutions .


Email Management and Security

MailXServer, a world leading Email Management and Security System, is one of the unique solutions that we provide. This exciting product is unrivalled in its class and is the solution all Email Administrators and users have been waiting for. It provides comprehensive Spam Control, Email Archiving, Attachment Filters, Management Information and Reporting, Database Logging and many more. For more information please contact us or see: 


Internet Service Provider

Network & Computing Consultants (NCC) is a fully independent ISP, providing Internet Services through a various methods to the worldwide Internet community. Our Internet Infrastructure comprises of Multiple Firewalls, Name Servers, Mail Servers and Web Servers, all protected by UPS’s backed by a Power Generator.  


Networking Services

Network & Computing Consultants (NCC) supplies, installs, maintain and outsource Network and Internet Infrastructure. We also manage Local and Wide Area Networks, Novell, Windows and Linux Servers, on-site or remotely. The company has an extensive Wide Area Network comprising of remote sites spread throughout South Africa. We also specialize in VPN solutions, securely linking your remote branches over the Internet.



The Ultimate Email Management System for Email Tracking, Archiving, Detailed Reporting, Virus Scanning, Attachment and Spam Filtering, and more.

A reliable and efficient Business Internet Server that saves costs and increases productivity.

NCC is a Accredited Partner for
Vodacom Business Solutions


NCC is a Platinum Channel Partner of Global Technology Associates, Inc., a worldwide leader in cost-effective Firewalls

NCC is a Member of the Internet Service Providers Association

ISPA Code of Conduct


NCC is an accredited registrar


Designated Cisco SMB Select Partner